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Atlanta, Georgia

Aug. 30th - Sep. 1st

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2024 Hosted by
Young Democrats of Atlanta

We are so excited to host the YDG 2024 Convention in Atlanta this August! As we gather in this city of rich civil rights history, it’s our moment to mobilize young voters for President Biden and VP Harris. Atlanta’s legacy fuels our fight for progress. Join us in making history this summer!

See you in August,


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Convention Details

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1 ) What are the important dates?

Convention will be the weekend of April 30th to September 1st, buy your tickets now as prices will increase closer to convention
2) What do the different ticketing prices mean?

There are two separate tickets, one for attending Convention and one for attending the VIP Reception. Early Bird tickets will be offered at a lower price, which will increase as convention nears.
3) If I book my ticket online, how do I collect my ticket?
ActBlue, the service used for tickets, will send you a receipt, and we will have your information and badge ready at registration on-site.
4) Can I buy a ticket on-site?
Yes you can buy tickets on site. We can not guarantee space for the hotel or VIP reception availability on sight however.
5) Where can I review my registration information?
A form will be sent out along with the confirmation of your purchase, use this form to confirm registration information. A copy of your responses will also be emailed to you.
6) Can I get a refund if I change my mind about attending?
Yes you can, send an email to to initiate the process.
7) What are the payment options?
All major credit and debit cards are accepted.
8) I have special accessibility needs/dietary requirements; can you accommodate me?
Yes please include that on the registration form following confirmation.
9) Is there a dress code for the event?
There is no specific dress code, the majority of attendees will most likely be business casual for business during the day and the reception.
10) How do I run for a position?
Per our bylaws, a form to apply to run for a position on YDG will be released 30 days prior to our convention. The form will be made available on our website. You must be a credentialed member of YDG in order to run.
11) What committees and/or caucuses are available to join?
During convention, attendees have the opportunity to attend Bylaws, Platform and Credentialing Committees. We also have 8 affinity caucuses to join (see Caucus Tab)

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